Nest Home Adviser

Nest offers clients a Home Adviser that will assist with your every home improvement need.  Your Nest Home Adviser has done the painstaking work of finding and vetting the most reputable contractors, trades, and other home improvement professionals to be part of our Nest Certified Network.  Your Home Adviser will gather your particular needs and coordinate everything from gathering estimates, overseeing the project, and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

There is no added cost to utilize the Home Adviser consultation. Our clients pay only for the services they chose. Since we buy in bulk, our service providers are able to discount their prices to us and that is how we make money.  We promise you will never pay more if you had contacted a service provider directly.  Often times you will pay less by being part of the Nest family.  Simplify your life with just one-contact person and one check to write.  Whatever you need done, just call or click.