About Nest Home Improvement

Nest was founded by Chuck Solomon, a home improvement industry veteran who sought to create a better approach to house care.  While developing the Nest Model he conducted research with both homeowners and home improvement contractors to help refine our process and fulfill our mission — To help homeowners best care for their largest investment – their home.

The recently published book (see MyHouseUpkeep.com) goes into further depth on this new model.  The basic premise behind the Nest approach is to look at the house holistically.  Being proactive and taking a preventive rather than reactive approach to keep small problems from getting larger and more costly to remedy. Even preventing some problems altogether and making a safe comfortable home for its residents. The keys to this approach revolve around a Home Adviser that arranges annual home check-ups, coordinates all the work performed on your home, and provides online  maintenance records recording your homes data online.