As a homeowner isn’t this going to cost me more?  No.  Since we buy services in bulk from our service providers and provide them work, they are able to discount their prices to us.  So homeowners will not pay more for a service if they had booked directly with a service provider.  Often times the homeowner will pay less.  The aim is save on the long-term home ownership expenses by being proactive when it comes to home maintenance.

Do you provide multiple bids or estimates for my project?  Our Home Adviser will examine your project and your needs.  They will in-turn go to our approved network of professionals to get the best service provider for your needs at the best price.  You will be presented with one estimate to decide to move forward or not.

Why the name Nest?  The name ‘Nest’ can have more than one meaning and that is why we chose it.  Just as a home can have more than one meaning for individuals.  We want our customers to think Nest when it comes to their home.

Are you a referral service like Angies List or Service Magic?  No.  We match our network of providers with your particular needs.  Simplifying the entire process for our clients.

I already like my __________ fill in the blank (plumber, handyman, electrician, carpenter, contractor etc.) what happens to them if I start using Nest?  You can continue to use specific providers you like.  But if you found someone you like and trust, please introduce us, we may be able use their services for other clients.

Can you really handle any home related problem?  Yes.  That is the goal of every Home Adviser.  Because they work with quite an extensive local network, there isn’t any home challenge we can’t handle.

What is the Nest Home Manager tool?  This is software we provide as a value added service to our clients.  We setup each of our clients with their own user account and they are free to use it at their will.  It allows Nest clients to stay organized with anything related to their home online in a secure, easy to use online portal.  This tool is provided FREE to Nest clients.