Our approach is based upon the model outlined in this book Upkeep.   Get your copy at

What We Do:

Nest provides a proactive, one-stop place for homeowners to call upon to take care of anything related to ensuring the comfort, safety, and maintenance of their home—from remodeling a kitchen to landscaping and everything in between.  Try our innovative approach!

How We Do It: 

Start by talking with a Home Adviser.  Your local Home Adviser has done the painstaking work of finding and vetting the most reputable contractors, trades, and other home improvement professionals in the area.  They will gather your particular needs and coordinate everything from gathering estimates, overseeing the project, and ensuring your complete satisfaction.  Whatever you need done, just call or click.

Why Call Us? 

In addition to being the single-point of contact to take care of any home maintenance or improvement need from cleaning gutters to replacing windows your local Home Adviser offers:

  • Reassurance and comfort.  An annual home check-up review conducted by a licensed home professional, to proactively examine your house top to bottom to identify problems and help you anticipate future needs.
  • Organization.  An online tool, the ‘Nest Home Manager‘  is provided to clients so they may document, organize and manage all things related to their house in a secure easy to use space online.
  • Guarantee.  We have done the difficult work of checking out each of our Nest Certified Service Providers and stand behind their work.  It is our promise to provide a superior experience at an affordable price for each of our clients.  If you are ever dissatisfied at any point, please contact your Home Adviser.
  • Affordable.  Both the Home Adviser and Nest Home Manager software are FREE. Clients pay only for the services they chose. Since we buy in bulk, our service providers are able to discount their prices to us and that is how we make money.  We promise you will never pay more if you had contacted a service provider directly.  Often times you will pay less by being part of the Nest family.

Get started by contacting your local Home Adviser today!