Bathroom Remodeling Raleigh NC

Remodeling a bathroom is one project homeowners do to really improve the overall look and appearance of their home.  This is one renovation project where the homes occupants can go about their activities of daily living without too much interruption. This is of course because a home has more than one bathroom to use in most instances.  Also, bathrooms are a smaller space and it can be relatively short project to complete start to finish. Bathroom remodel Raleigh NC

Bathroom remodeling Raleigh NC

Approaching a bathroom remodeling project should be done with much pre-planning to ensure it will go smoothly.  Here are some tips to help with your planning.  If you are making major structural changes, it would be best to include an architect or structural engineer early on in your process.

Tips include:

Budgeting — know what you are wanting to spend on the overall project and know the source of those funds before your start.

Design and drawings — Working with a designer to help draw out what your new space will look like is an important early step.

Fixtures and components — You will want to select the fixtures from bathtub, toilet, sink, vanity, mirrors, hardware, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures etc. early on as often items need to be ordered and it takes time to have them shipped to your location.

Finishes –Select what will cover your walls and floors early so these items may be ordered if need be.

Professional help — Hiring an experienced remodeling contractor can help this process go very smoothly for you as they can work with all the required members of your renovation team from designer to plumber and execute your bathroom remodeling plans.

As a final note if you plan and have everything that you need onsite or nearby before starting your project, there will be less hold ups along the way as you go through your project. Please consider contacting Nest to help you with your bath remodel project!