4 Tips To Save Your House From Water Damage

Water damage is one of the leading factors for home repairs. In homes all across the country, water is seeping through the walls without the home owner’s knowledge. It’s only noticed when the damage is done. And the damage that is done is substantial. It usually takes thousands of dollars to clean up the mess. If you’d rather use that money for your child’s college fund, then you’d better pay attention to your house. A few preventive measures undertaken at the right time is all it takes to avert this crisis. And here they are.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

The fall season is a beautiful time, but it’s also a time when the trees shed their leaves. More often than not these leaves find a cozy place in your gutters, blocking them. You can imagine what happens when it starts raining. Water accumulates on your roof like an upturned umbrella. The water then seeps through the shingles and into your house. And that’s how that annoying little leak on your ceiling came to be. Mystery solved. Keeping the gutters clean will also keep your head dry. It’s also a good idea to extend your downspouts, so the water is released away from the foundation.

Check Your Home Appliances

The strange dripping you hear in the middle of the night is probably your refrigerator. Instead of mopping the floor around it in the morning, opt for a more permanent solution. The water that is accumulated during the night does a number on your flooring. Fix that leak, so you can have a good night’s sleep and a house that is free from water damage. Periodically servicing your refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher will also keep them from weeping at night. Not only is this beneficial for your house, but also your appliances.

Shut Off the Water Supply

If you’re leaving town for a few days, don’t forget to turn off the water supply. If a leak occurs while you’re gone, you’ll be greeted by a flood when you return. Shut off the main water valve to ensure that your house is as dry as the Sahara upon your return. It’ll also save you the trouble of asking your neighbor to check on your house.

Take Care of the Mold

Hiding the mold on your walls with furniture is not going to make it go away. It’s a visible sign of water damage that you should take seriously. It’s like tartar on your teeth, if you don’t do something about it soon, you’ll be eating through a straw. Mold removal may also reveal other structural defects that you were previously unaware of. You can prevent any real damage to your home by fixing them early on. Mold can also lead to health hazards, so it’s in the best interest of your family that you take care of it as soon as possible.

Water is like acid, it eats through the structural integrity of your house, making it weak. It’s a disease that can easily be prevented by following the instructions mentioned above.

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This article has been authored by Lisa walker. Lisa is a restoration expert currently working at CareMaster, a reputed fire and water damage restoration firm. Lisa takes keen interest in fine arts and loves to visit exhibitions and museums across the globe.



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  2. Thanks for the great tips! Very useful! Once you have water damage in one area, you may suspect other areas have also been affected at the same time.

  3. Nice post! I will definitely look towards these 4 steps for the house cleaning.The 3 image of this post is just eye catching as it shows the beauty of house.

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