A New Look In That Old Bathroom

Remodeling has become a new trend that has developed into a huge part of home ownership. The kitchen is an important feature in every home and now an updated bathroom has become just as important. Bathrooms can often set the tone for a guests visit so you want one which is refreshing and relaxing even just to look out. They also are the one part of the home you use to unwind and refresh, so a vibrant bathroom is a must. The most pivotal part of a bathroom is a shower or bathtub, and both come in many options whether you’re remodeling yourself or having a professional do the work for you.

The In and Out Option

Showers are best known for their ability to be fast and easy when in a rush or when you need a quicker bathing experience. Showers were once simply a back splash made of plastic around a bathtub made of plastic or aluminum. Now showers are available in different styles, colors, patterns and are very customizable. Using tiles made of different materials such as ceramic, slate, granite and even glass you can create your own refreshing experience. They also come in many more colors than white and beige so that one can really add personal tastes and style. One of the best facts about a shower is you no longer have to hide it, simply put up a glass door or wall with side walk in areas and display your shower as a masterpiece.

Stay and Relax a While

Bathtubs are an option for those who are looking to spend a while soaking the day away. Though they once came in standard styles made of plastic and metal in predetermined sizes, they are now one of the most customizable options in a bathroom. They are available in free standing options like a claw-foot tub or in larger options than before like garden style tubs. They can be tiles in to the rim and can really set the mood for a bathroom. Now more than ever the depth of them vary and bathtubs can even be found with walk in options. The best fact about a bathtub is if soaking a lot is not enough for your aching and tired body, they can now be found with jets which can massage away a long day.

Both bathtubs and showers have come a long way as the years of home remodeling and style have made their influence. If you are a do it yourself kind of person you can often find many of these options on sale giving you the best value for your money. If you are not a do it yourself personality, many companies offer discounts on certain pieces and can often time get you just as good of a deal on your bathroom remodel. Whether you are a bathtub or shower kind of person, there are so many options available to you when remodeling and personalizing your bathroom.

Raleigh remodelingPhoto credit: Ken Moores

This post was provided by Ken Moores, interior design expert. He has worked with the contractors at Your Home Improvement Team, who does renovations Kitchiner Waterloo.


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