Bed Bug Alert – How Are Bed Bugs Getting Into Homes?

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Bed bugs are certainly making a come-back as evidenced by the 500% increase in bed bug population in the U.S. How did their population increase so quickly? A lot of what modern people do today actually contribute to why this pest problem has recurred. International travel, for instance, provides opportunities for the bugs from other countries to enter the States, and your home. These creatures can easily hitch a ride on people’s clothes and luggage. They can also be found in furniture and linen.

Any place that is occupied by people is attractive to bed bugs. They are drawn to human blood and heat. They also sense carbon dioxide, which is a compound that humans release during exhalation. So, it’s really not surprising that bed bugs can be found in various types of accommodation facilities, including dorms, hotels and motels. Even places known for their sterile surroundings, such as hospitals, can be infested by these bloodsucking bugs. All in all, no place is safe. Therefore, people have to be on guard all the time.

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