Durham Carpeting

Our carpeting specialist Kevin was sent out to help solve this carpet mystery.

This Durham Carpet Stretchinghomeowner had contacted us about problems with their carpeting. Although the carpeting was only about five years old, it seems that the carpeting in certain areas around the house has been bunching up. The carpet was wavy like a roller coaster in some areas. The worst room of all was the living area. For obvious reasons, this is a high traffic room that gets much usage. The homeowner emailed us an example photograph (see photo on right) to display the issue. After reviewing the photo, Kevin, who has seen this problem many times knew what needed to be done. The carpeting needed to be stretched using a specialized tool and the excess carpeting trimmed away. After that the waves in the carpet would vanish.

In order to stretch the carpeting, all the items within the room would need to moved out of the room. No small task, but the homeowner elected to handle the moving of the furnishings out of the room and then back into the room when Kevin’s work was done. Helping the homeowner was these handy sliders that are placed under the heavy furniture to help slide. Once furniture is moved, you never know Durham Carpet Specialistwhat treasures you may find! It helps to have the vacuum cleaner handy. Now you can get to all those places you can never reach when furniture is in the way.

Carpeting Tips

There are a few tips Kevin offers to help keep your carpet looking good for years to come.

  • When replacing carpet, be sure to have the installers apply a power stretcher at time of installation.
  • Water and steam from cleaning can loosen up the carpet over time.  Be sure to not do this type of cleaning often.
  • Sliding furniture or other heavy items along the carpet without sliders, can cause bunching of the carpet and should be avoided.

At Nest we have flooring specialists that can install any flooring option you chose.  We also have access to discount pricing on all major brands of flooring including:  carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl, and laminates.  Do contact us to discuss your flooring needs.

Author Chuck Solomon is a home improvement consultant helping homeowners best care for their homes and contractors build a better business.

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