Easy Low Cost Ways To Update Your Kitchen

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Modular kitchens are part of modern living. However, the chances of moving into a house with an existing kitchen you don’t like are quite high and often unavoidable. The kitchen may have lost appeal over the years. What was trendy then, is outdated and unwanted now.

You definitely don’t want to move into a house without a kitchen you love but if you do it is time to change the way look drastically. High costs of replacing accessories make it difficult to decide the extent to which changes are made. Here are some easy ways to update your kitchen without spending too much money or time.

  • Go in for a paint job. The process of cleaning and curing walls is likely to expose weak areas and other discrepancies along the walls. For example, the foundation of a shelf may be weak. Cleaning areas around fixtures allows you to analyze extent of damage if there is some. You are then in a better position to decide the amount of changes required.
  • Use the latest light fixtures. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. It is actually possible to create a large part of the new look with new fixtures mounted at strategic locations within the kitchen.
  • Fiddle around with door and cabinet knobs. If they are made of wood or are old, gloss and shine is lost over time. They can, however, be easily removed. Replace them with knobs of your choice. A dark, dull cabinet demands a shiny, new knob made of brass or other decorative metal. Rent tools for the purpose when you have enough work.
  • Laminated countertops are often preferred in kitchens simply because they are easy to install and maintain. Careless usage and aging may lead to a dull look. They tend to cover large areas in the kitchen, so this worn look is obvious to newcomers. An easy solution is to use dishwashing liquid or commercial cleansing agents to polish existing countertops. Replacing them is not needed.
  • Light colors are used to brighten up dark corners. In fact, walls can be painted light with cabinets and fixtures covering them. Areas from floor height to cooking platform are covered, so aesthetic value is imparted with a brighter look radiating from the ceiling.
  • Mount decorative fixtures blended with light ones to highlight specific areas in the kitchen. Replace kitchen tables not blending with color combinations used. If it’s a difficult choice to make, use fixtures to change how the table looks.
  • Use clean, new utensils and other kitchen accessories. For instance, the food mixer body’s tones can work well with wall or cabinet colors of the same tone. Painting the refrigerator a similar color can also add to the appeal.
  • Mugs and other items used daily can be changed to suit your style. Take your time and allow the kitchen to grow into the one you wished for in the first place.
  • It is definitely possible to get the exact feel you need for your kitchen and save labor costs when you take your time, evaluate and use a variety of materials for different tasks.

The idea is to create a final look to your liking. Make small changes and you will find you are moving in the right direction.


Cormac Reynolds is a DIY lover and Home Improvement novice who really enjoys anything with power tools and wood.


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