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The summer time is an excellent time of year to get your garage cleaned and organized.  An organized garage will make it easy to find the things you have stored.


  • Cleaning:  The first step in organizing your garage is to remove all its contents and clean it.  During this process you can give away, sell, or toss items that you have no further use for.  Getting rid of items will make it easier to organize the items that remain.


  • Sorting:  During the cleaning process you will want to identify three categories of items.  These categories are based upon how often that you utilize something.  You will have items you use frequently (a few times per month), infrequently (a few times per year) , seldom (once per year).  Placing each item in one of these three piles will help when you move things back into the garage.


  • Storage and Shelving:  Depending on your garage configuration, there are a number of storage and shelving options available.  Once items are cleared out you can better see the size and shape of the area that you can work with.  Assemble and install the storage and shelving that best meets your needs.


  • Placement:  When putting items back into your garage you will want to recall how frequently you use particular items.  Placing them back according to how often you use a particular item.  So something that you use seldom like holiday decorations should probably go on the highest shelf.  Whereas, you children’s sporting equipment that is used weekly should go on a lower easy to access shelf.


Getting your garage organized will save you time and aggravation in being able to easily find the things you need when you need them.  Need help with building storage or shelving spaces in your garage?  Please give Nest a call!

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2 responses to “Garage Organization Tips”

  1. Kim Santos says:

    These are some great tips. I am a bit more lazy though and don’t like having to figure it all out on my own. I tend to buy most of the garage organization items and then just install them. These are some really good tips though.

  2. The garage is typically one of the most unorganized places in the home. It’s easy to just “throw something in the garage” because you don’t have to stare at it all day. However, an organized garage is much more functional.

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