Helping After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Red Cross Relief

credit: American Red Cross

Many people from across the country are looking for ways to help those that have been impacted greatly by Hurricane Sandy. But what is it that someone can do when they live miles away.
Stay connected
All the major and minor news media outlets have ample coverage of what is happening minute by minute.  If you know someone in an impacted area.  Phone to check to see how they are and if there is anything that you can do for them from a far.  If you know someone in need of immediate assistance, you may help them secure assistance via their local Red Cross chapter at this link.

Donate money

Several reputable non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross are accepting financial donations right on their home pages. Check with your favorite local charity as many have set up their own relief funds that you may contribute.

Donate blood

According to the American Red Cross, the Superstorm Sandy has caused the cancellation of 300 blood drives thus far and more expected.  If you live in an area not affected by the storm, consider going to your local blood back to donate.  To find donation center near you, click here.

Article written by Chuck Solomon a home improvement and small business consultant.

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