Improve your home with an extra room in the garden

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As the property market has stalled in the past few years, increasing numbers of people are looking to improve their existing homes instead. Creating more space is often a top priority. One of the best ways to do this is to create an extra room in the garden. Read on to learn more.

Creating more space to improve your living environment

Many people are investing in home improvements as an alternative to moving house these days. There are all sorts of different ways to do this such as adding an extension, conservatory or even converting your loft space. However there is another way to create more space while seamlessly integrating your garden with the rest of the house. A garden room actually maximizes your living space and creates a haven that you will be able to enjoy the whole year round.

Designing the perfect garden room

Garden rooms are available in all different styles and sizes to ensure that you have the perfect space to complement the rest of your house. There are contemporary and classic designs available and you can have them custom designed in all manner of different materials to suit the look of your existing home.

The wide variety of different garden rooms to choose from means that you can find one to suit your outside space no matter how big or small it is. Not only that, but a well-designed garden room will add to the value of your property making it a worthwhile investment for when you do decide to move.

To make the most of your garden room you should carefully consider the size and shape of your garden. Ideally the access to this extra room should flow from the main part of the house so that the whole space is joined together in a seamless and inviting way. There are a few different ways that this effect can be achieved to help you maximize the improvements to your home.

The kitchen provides an ideal access point for your garden room as it is often the hub of activity in the home. To create a seamless flow of space from your kitchen to your garden room you should install a patio that runs at the same height as the kitchen and patio throughout. Placing atmospheric lighting across this area also creates a sense that your extra outdoor room is part of the main house and ensures that the whole design flows together well.

The reason this layout is so effective is because, with the decline in use of the formal dining room, the kitchen has become the main meeting point of the house for gatherings, parties and family meals. By extending this room onto a patio which joins to a garden room you will create a far larger space than the just the size of the new room itself. When garden rooms are integrated into existing properties in this way it makes the maximum use of your existing space.


Steven Roger writes regularly on innovative design ideas for a wide range of interiors and garden websites and blogs. Creating extra space in the home is one of the best ways to improve your families living environment. Visit this page to find out more.

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