It’s not just the interior of your home that matters

The worst of the winter will be leaving soon enough, and as the days get longer and the sun gets brighter, all of the many items that need doing around the house suddenly come to the fore. Over the dark period, all of our time is spent indoors, and so naturally it is the inside of Muir Forest Redwoodsthe home that we look at for improvement. But hold on a minute! Over the winter the outside of your home has been exposed to harsh rain and winds. Your doormat looks like a muddy mess, your garden is bare and frazzled, your drains are most likely overflowing and no one has had the gumption to sweep the drive for a few months. As spring peeks its head around the corner, waiting to arrive it is surely time to address the exterior of your home. Today we are going to go through the key areas that will really give the exterior of your home a nice facelift to welcome the new season.


1.)   Garden

Gardens take a real battering over the winter months. Even the most keen gardener is not immune to this beating, and so whatever plants have been taken inside, now is the time to start considering where you would like to take the look of your garden over the coming year.  Get yourself in the shed and start taking stock of your tools and seeds and start planning, because we are about to enter prime garden preparation time!


2.)   Exterior paintwork


A nice home is one that is lovely to behold, and that means no flakes of chipped paint, no overflowing guttering, and a nice clean surface that gleams and reflects light. What that means for your homes exterior is a good planning session about getting the house repainted from the outside, buffing away any chips and cracks and getting ready for a happy, flawless spring and summer.


3.)   Roofs


The roof is another area of the home that can not only be unsightly if left untended, but can also cause havoc in the form of leakages, heat escape not to mention danger! As the weather improves, pick a warm sunny day to have a peek around to make sure any loose tiles or slate is not left dangling or broken. Roof issues are much less likely to be noticed in the warmer months, so its best to keep tabs whilst the weather is good to make sure you are warm and dry for the next winter.


4.)   Drainage and plumbing

Over winter the weather would have delivered a wealth of rubble, dust and dirt into your drains, drainage systems and guttering. What this does is create a blockage which can not only affect the internal plumbing of the home, but also send muddy, dirty water gushing onto patios, gardens and down the sides of your home. This will have the effect of eroding any materials the water touches, and it is also very ugly! Best to get up there safely and clean out all drains and gutters before the spring rain unleashes for a sanitary, clean and beautiful well kept home.


Ben Inder is a home improvement specialist for tool hire company Speedy Services. He is now working on getting the outside of his house ready for 2013!

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