Lawn Mower Maintenance

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

mower maintenance

Follow these basic lawn mower maintenance tips common to most gas powered grass cutters to get your grass cutting machine ready to store for winter. Many of these items can be done by the DIYer. If you are not up for performing these tasks, be sure to bring your mower into a small engine or lawn mower service center to have them take care of for you. It is best to take care of these items before winter sets in and before you place it into storage so your lawn mower will be ready once the grass starts growing come spring time.

Drain gas tank.

Taking the fuel out of the gas tank and clearing the fuel lines is best to do before storing for winter. This will prevent the gasoline from becoming stale and gumming up the fuel system as well as the carburetor. If your mover has a separate oil tank it is best to drain that as well.


Removing dirt and debris from all sides of the mower is good practice. Using a five-in-one tool or putty knife will help you to remove built up grass clippings from the under carriage. While checking the undercarriage inspect the blade as it may need sharpening. Blade sharpening is typically best left to the professional. Check you users manual to see how to remove the blade and bring it to your local service shop.


Now is a good time to replace worn parts or components that will help tune-up your mover ensuring top performance. Replacing air and fuel filters, the spark plug as well as checking the starter cord for wear are recommended.

Those with non-internal combustion engines should check their owner’s manual for suggested tips for maintaining their equipment. Performing these tasks before winter storage will ensure top mower performance come warmer weather.

Additional Resource – Outdoor Power Equipment Institute

Article written by Chuck Solomon

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