Lighting Improvements

Interior lighting updates

A rooms lighting has a large impact upon the overall look and feel of any room in your house. Rooms with many windows brighten up a room with natural sunlight.  This is great for light during daytime hours but changes from dusk to dawn.  During that time, a combination of overhead and task lighting what you can see and how you see a room.  Updating your lights can make a great improvement while also being gently on your wallet.  Learn about types of lights, lightbulbs and some helpful light improvement tips in this article.

overhead lighting

Ornate chandelier in formal dining room

Styles of light bulbs

We have moved past the old standard incandescent light bulb of years past and this has offered us the ability to change the warmth or coolness as well as the brightness that the light the bulb provides.  The newer bulbs in use today including, LED, halogen, and CFL come in different styles both warm and cool colors and a variety of brightnesses.  The higher the lumen the brighter the bulb.  In most instances the newer bulbs also save on the electricity used and can be used in existing light fixtures.

Overhead versus task lighting

Most rooms have lighting source on the ceiling that illuminates the room from overhead.  These are generally larger in size and in the bulb wattage used.  Since most ceiling lighting fixtures are attached to a standard electrical junction box, swapping your old fixture for a new updated one is something that doesn’t take extensive rewiring to accomplish.  However, most projects of this nature should be done by a qualified individual or licensed electrician.

Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp Example

Helpful Tips:

  • Rather than changing a fixture, simply try experimenting with different styles and wattage bulbs.
  • Changing anything electrical is best done by a professional electrician of someone that is knowledgeable about this task.  Electrical shock can cause injury and death.
  • Adding task lighting with a standing lamp can add light to where you need it with only a small financial investment.
  • Updating light shades is another low-cost way to change the look of a lamp.  Be sure to check how your shade attaches to the lamp before purchasing a new shade.
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