Make Your New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home in 2013

The New Year is not without numerous resolutions for the home. If you own real estate property of value to you, it is a great place begin your renovations. Here are some of the common home improvement resolutions that can make your home safer, warmer and more secure.


home improvement resolutionsLower Your Utility Bills With Solar Packages

When people power their heating appliances with solar packages, your utility bill will decrease significantly. Solar panels are costly but are worth the effort. Some experts recommend buying one panel at a time and can be installed with do-it-yourself instructions.


Replace Windows to Lower Heating and Cooling Bills

Cracked windows with bad seals will force the home to lose heat fast. With increased heating bills, you cannot save and this becomes a hardship on you. Instead, buy double-paned or triple-paned windows and use blackout curtains. This will help to keep the heat inside. The furnace will have to work less with these types of windows and curtains.


Replace Insulation to Lower Heating and Cooling Bills

Insulation can also keep the heat and air from leaving the home through the roof and the walls. Insulation will help keep energy bills low and in control. Some home owners may try spray foam as an alternative for people who need more insulation in their homes.


Improve Your Home’s Security System

Having a secure home is an important New Year’s resolution. This year you should check your home security systems and determine if it is adequate. There have been some recent improvements in security systems that may require you to replace your home security system. These security systems should alert you to a security breach.


Repair Your Roof This Winter

The pressure from the rain and wind and the weight from the snow can cause can cause leaky roofs during the winter. It is a good idea to get the roof repaired this year to prevent mold and mildew in the home. Mold and mildew can cause some serious health problems. This is not a problem that is desirable in the home.


Resolve to Improve Your Home in the New Year

Improve your home in the New Year. When you make these changes, your home will be ready to endure the winter and spring and help you reduce your utility bills. It is a great way to improve your home and increase livability, safety and resale value.


Contributing author Ken Torrino, web relations for Elliman, brokers for NYC, Queens Real Estate.

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