Interior Painting

Painting is one of the best ways to improve the look and feel of any room in your house.  It is also one of the more economical home improvement projects especially those working on a budget.  Changing the color on your walls can brighten up any room.  Painting a small room such as bedroom, kitchen or home office can be done by do-it-yourselfer in just a few hours if you are simply painting the walls.  Tackling the walls and trim, can certainly add to the complexity and time to undertake this project.  Interior painting is a great task for the beginner DIYer.  Not feeling like doing the work your self, hire a skilled painter to take care of this task for you.

Interior painting

Paint Color

It is best to plan out what color will look best in your room.  Some ideas to help in your selection include: review magazines, online research, and making a visit to your local paint store.  Gather several paper paint swatches to tape up on the wall of your room.  See how the color will compliment other items in your room.  When you narrow down your selection, ask a friend or family member for their input.  Get a small sample of the color you intend to use and paint an area approximately 12 inches by 12 inches on the wall and let it dry.  This will give you a much better sense of how the new color will look than the little 2 inch paper swatch can do for you.  If you don’t like what a 12 x 12 area looks like, then you won’t like it when the entire room is painted so it’s best to go back to planning.


Once you have your color chosen, you can purchase the paint and other required items if you plan to do the work yourself.  If you are hiring this out, provide the paint number you have chosen so they can purchase the correct paint for you. In either case, you will want to remove any wall hangings and other items from the room.  Items that are too heavy or bulky like beds and wooden furniture can be pushed away from the walls and covered with plastic or a tarp.  For the DIYer you will want to measure the room and bring those measurements with you to the store to buy enough paint.  You should measure the length, width and height of every wall in the room.  Some other items you will likely need include:  plastic or a tarp to cover the floor, paint can lid opener, primer, paint brushes, putty knife and spackle to fill small holes, a sanding block to make things smooth, a small flat head screw driver to remove wall and outlet plates, masking tape, roller covers and a handle, and a roller pan.


Any great paint job begins with good preparation.  After removing items from the room, lay down your plastic to cover the floor. Remove all electrical switch plates and outlet covers and fill in any holes and mask areas where needed.  A note about disturbing painted surfaces for those living in older homes.  If your property was built prior to 1978 their maybe a lead paint present, so you will not want to sand any painted surfaces creating dust.  See more at  Apply paint with brushes and rollers aiming for an even coverage.  Typically, two coats look better than one coat.  Be sure to let the first coat dry prior to the second.  After the paint dries, clean-up, move your furnishing back it and enjoy your new room!

Don’t want to do the project yourself!  Call your Nest Home Adviser to get this project taken care of for you.


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