Prep Your House Before Heading Away For The Holidays

House Preparations

It is hard to be believe that the Holiday Season is once again upon us. Temperatures have dropped, retailers are moving up the store openings earlier and earlier and many of us are finalizing travel plans.  Since many  will be traveling to visit family and friends, we have developed a check list of items to consider to have your home best prepared for your impending departure. Below is a checklist of items to take care of your home while head out of town. Several of the suggestions are done ahead of time and some on the day of your departure. Happy Holidays!

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Items to do at least a week ahead of time:

  • Contact the US Post Service to hold your mail delivery This can be done online at
  • Suspend newspaper delivery.
  • Contact your neighbors and give them your contact info on how to reach you and look after your house. Ask them to check for and collect any mail/flyers/packages that may be left at your house.  For an extended period, consider having someone check your house each week. Have contact info for all the people that you have work on your home available for the person watching your house (handyman, plumber, electrician, hvac etc.) in case something should be in need of attention.
  • If you have a local neighborhood watch, contact them, or your local law enforcement to see if they can patrol your neighborhood.
  • Test your home security system to see that it is operating properly.

Items to do the day you leave:

  • Turn off the water supply within your house.
  • Turn off the hot and cold water supply to your washing machine
  • Adjust the hotwater heater thermostat.
  • Adjust your thermostats.
  • Unplug un-needed electrical appliances and other electronics.
  • Set timers on lights for safety.
  • Clear out refrigerator and pantry for food items that will spoil.
  • Run the disposal.
  • Take out your trash and recycling.

Have a joyous and safe Holiday Season!


By Chuck Solomon

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