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Raleigh Townhome Renovation Project

This project is a common problem found in our area. This Raleigh townhome complex was built in the 1980’s and is showing some signs of age and wear on it’s exterior. They called Nest to determine the source or the problem and to come up with a remedy. There are several areas on the exterior where wood rot has been discovered by the property owner and confirmed by our Nest general contractor.  Areas found deteriorated include:  fascia, corner board trim, shingle molding, and trim around the columns. Please see video below that displays the work while in progress.

The owner is interested in using a rot-free and low-maintenance replacement product (such as MiraTEC)  rather than simply reinstalling wood components and we agree.  These components are made of a  composite material and have the look and feel of regular wood and can be painted like wood but last far longer, especially in the Southern climate which faces the heat, humidity and a good deal of moisture.

Raleigh exterior remodel

Before picture

According to MiraTEC, their testing shows their product resists moisture, rot and termites and outperforms the competition.  And comes with a 50 year warranty.  Learn more about MiraTEC at http://www.miratectrim.com.  There are also other brands of composite or PVC replacement siding and trim products the homeowner can chose from.  These are more expensive than regular wood, however the long-term benefits typically outweigh the premium initial price.

Home maintenance

Keeping up with regular exterior maintenance tasks can keep your property in great shape.  These tasks would include annual inspections to ensure the exterior of the home is well sealed from the the weather elements.  Checking caulking, ensuring painted surfaces are not peeling and cracking, looking for early signs that wood is rotten or beginning to deteriorate.   The presence of deteriorating siding or trim gets worse overtime, invites pests such as termites and generally decreased the look of a home. Check your property regularly to keep these problems to a minimum.

By Chuck Solomon

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