Simple Home Maintenance Tips for February

This is a new monthly feature to our blog.  Our goal is to provide homeowners a short list of a just a few home maintenance tips appropriate for the season.  Staying on on top of these items will ensure your comfort while keeping your house well maintained.  Do contact a Nest home adviser to take care of these items if you don’t have the time, tools or motivation.  We will be happy to help you maintain your home.  If you decide to take on these tasks yourself, you should expect to spend approximately 10-15  minutes on each of them.

Home Maintenance Tips:

  • Clean your refrigerator coils — These coils collect dirt and grime and can be easily cleaned by simply vacuuming them.  These coils are located either behind the kickplate in the front or at the rear of the fridge.  Check your manufacturers user guide for more details.

How often?  Twice per year.


  • Check washing machine water supply hoses — These hoses are constantly under pressure and should be checked for wear.  They are located behind the washer machine but typically don’t require that you move the washer to inspect.  Look for cracks, leaks, and weak spots on both the hot and cold water hoses.

How often?  Twice per year.  Replace every five years.


  • Change HVAC filters — These filters help to keep the air you and you family breathes within your house clean.  Clogged filters can make your HVAC system work harder wasting energy and diminishing the lifetime of your system.  Be sure to use the correct size and mount them correctly.  Filters have an arrow marking the direction of air flow.  Since filters are typically located on the air return duct, the arrow should point in ward.  If you have questions, be sure to contact your HVAC service professional.

How often?  Every one or two months.

home maintenance tips
Author Chuck Solomon is a home improvement consultant helping homeowners best care for their homes and contractors build a better business.

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  2. Jerry Hardy says:

    This was a good addition to your site. Most homeowners neglect doing the proper maintenance which is for their safety and also can save them money in the long run.

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