The 3 Most Important Home Improvement Projects To Do This Year

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We all have that ever-growing list of home improvement projects to do. And many times we end up doing several of the smaller, more insignificant projects around the house. We end up spending hundreds to thousands of dollars in a year doing these smaller projects. In doing these smaller projects, we definitely are able to feel a temporary sense of accomplishment… but in the end we are still left feeling unfulfilled.

That is because these smaller projects don’t make enough of a difference to help us feel fulfilled and accomplished very long. Sure, they give us a temporary sense of accomplishment at the thought of being able to mark a check off of our to do list. But they don’t make a big enough difference for that feeling to be lasting.

Instead, I argue that we should forgo those small home improvement projects; the ones that we only do because they are cheap, not because they actually make a real difference. Instead, I think that it would be much more worth your money and time to save up for a large home improvement project. One that will make a difference not only in the way you view your home, but also in the actual value of your home.

Here are the 3 home improvement projects that will make the most difference:

1. Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is one of the most beneficial home improvement projects you can do to your home. Of course, it is also one of the most expensive, but if you don’t spend the money on the other home improvement projects on your list, and save up that money this year, you will have the money for this project quicker than you’d think.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where many families spend a lot of time together. Remodeling your kitchen will make a huge difference in the way you view your home. It is amazing how having an old, outdated kitchen will make your home feel old and outdated, whereas updating your kitchen will instantly make you view your entire home in a newer and fresher view.

2. New Roof

Old roofs can cost you thousands of dollars a year in lost energy costs. Many people with old roofs will continue to push back repairing or replacing their roof. They wait until it’s gotten so bad that they end up with a bad leak or other problem, leading them to be forced into an expensive emergency repair. But if you save up for a new roof, not only will you not be left with an expensive repair that you weren’t prepared for, but you will be able to purchase a new roof that will be much more energy efficient. Not only will this make your home more comfortable, but it will also save you thousands of dollars in energy costs.

3. Landscaping

The outside of your home is the first thing you see when you approach your home. It is the part of your home that gives off the first impression to visitors, and it is the first thing that greets you when you come home. And landscaping is one of the most important parts of the exterior of your home’s appearance. So spoil yourself a little bit! Save up for that dream yard that you’ve always wanted.

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