The 5 Biggest Renovation Mistakes

Renovating your home or apartment can be a stressful time and in order to get it right you must plan and prepare for it carefully. You want to make sure your renovation goes well because it can end up being very costly if you have to fix mistakes afterwards. Here are five of the biggest mistakes you should avoid doing.

Historic Home Renovation / Ackworth, Georgia

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1. Forgetting Rules And Regulations

When you are planning for a renovation project it is essential to first check if you are required to file for planning permissions or if the house regulations allow you to change certain things.

Make sure you haven’t just filed for the permissions but you also have them before you start tearing down those walls. Forgetting to do this can result in costing you a lot of money so it is really worth the wait.

2. Not Getting Contracts In Writing

If you require a builder for your project you need to spend enough time looking for one. Don’t go with the first one you find but ask for quotes from at least two different builders. Make sure you also ask for references for previous works to guarantee they are professionals.

Forbes’ article also points out that you always need to get the contract in writing to provide you protection in case there are any problems. Always sign things first before committing to a project.

3. Doing It Bit By Bit

If you want to save money as well as keep your mind free from stress it is important to do all of your renovation at once. Now you can do one room at a time but don’t think about doing one part of the renovation now and the other one later at some point.

Focusing on the whole project at one time and getting it done properly achieves the best results.

4. Going With Style Over Function

You want to incorporate the latest trends into your renovation and make sure that the end results look stylish but you should never do this at the cost of functionality. Unfortunately some people place too much value in getting that trendy look out of the design magazines without realizing that they have to live in the house as well and not just look at it from afar.

One of the biggest areas where people make this mistake is the storage space. The new minimalism in decoration doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have anywhere to place all the essential items that you own. It is also possible to achieve both style and functionality if you know where to look. For instance, storage with stylish sliding door wardrobes is going to provide you the best of both worlds.

5. Saving On Materials

You cannot achieve a good quality finish by using cheap materials and if you are really tight on money it might be best to plan the renovation for later and see what sort of tweaks you can make with the money you have available.

If you want a long lasting quality finish you need to be prepared to pay for it. Of course it is a good idea to shop around for different materials but don’t opt for something just because it is the cheapest option available.

Alan is a huge DIY enthusiast and he is always checking out the latest industry tips on renovating and tweaking your house. When he isn’t running around the house with a hammer in his hand he likes to spend time watching football.

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