Three Winter Home Improvement Tips

Just because the weather is cold outside doesn’t mean home improvement projects need to cease until Spring time.  There are several projects that can be done to the interior of the house that are not dependent on the weather outside.  Here are just three to consider for your home.

Interior Painting

Painting the interior spaces during the winter months is a great home improvement activity.  Painting is one of the top Do It Yourself projects many homeowners decide to tackle themselves.  It is also a project that can be scaled up or down depending upon your budget Interior paintingand time constraints.  If you are a first time painter, try a smaller room to start with.  If painting isn’t your thing, please contact Nest to have a professional painter take care of this task for you. Learn more interior painting tips in a previous post.


Updating your flooring is another winter time home improvement project.  All types of flooring have just a limited lifespan as the take a significant amount of abuse from day to day living.  Styles also change from year to year.  There are many options to consider from wood flooringcarpeting, tile, hardwoods and laminates. Flooring is typically best left to professional installers unlike painting for DIY project.  With painting if you don’t like the color you can simply paint over, with flooring a mistake is much more costly.


A very simple project to update the look of any room in your house is to update your lighting.  The simplest approach is to change the style of bulb followed by swapping out old fixtures for new ones.  Adding a new lamp or lampshade is also easy on the check book.  Floor LampWhenever dealing with wiring or switches or other electrical items it is best to have a qualified individual help with this to avoid injury to self and home.  Learn more about lighting improvement in our previous posting.
Make it a great start to 2013 with a few home improvement projects this winter.
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