Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In LED Bulbs in Your Home

LED lighting

LED bulbs have become the talk of the town. What used to be reserved for the early adopters of LED, has now permeated into the circles of the ordinary people. The evolution of LED lighting has brought along with it solutions that have seen many establishments including homes and industries use them. Homes are considered the ultimate resting places and the genesis of all the fun. LED lights can brighten this fun and bring in liveliness into residential areas.

Before you invest in these bulbs, you need to establish your needs first. Knowing what you want or the use into which you want to put the bulbs into can open up a whole range of possibilities. It is only after defining your needs that you can engage in locating bargains and correspondence with sellers.

You also need to establish your budget. There are so many LED lights in the market today such that you can virtually spend everything you have. To avoid cases of impulse buying, you need to stick to your budget and ensure that you buy only the LED lights that you need. On top of this, you should also vet the suppliers who stock these bulbs. Some of the dealers and middle men sell counterfeit items in the name of LED lights. You should ensure that the sellers you buy from are authorized and have a valid operational license. You can also ask them if they have support systems. The reason behind this is that some of the LEDlights will require installation and if you are not good at it, then the seller should be able to help you out.

There are outstanding advantages that make LED lights the choicest bulbs for homes.  Below are 5 of these merits:

Energy Efficiency

LED lighting systems are known the world over for their energy efficiency. Unlike the conventional bulbs, these lights do not dissipate heat rather they conserve heat and energy. There is no heating of filaments to high temperatures like in the case of incandescent tubes. LED lights do not generate heat and as such they use only a small fraction of energy to generate the same light intensity. In fact if it is for no other reason but energy efficiency, these bulbs still would stand out. In many economies, LED lights are being given subsidies by governments so that people can buy them and save the power consumption on the national grid.


This advantage is correlated to the fact that the usage of LED lowers the power bill significantly. The basic logic behind the operation of LED bulbs is that they use very little power to light up hence the bill is significantly lower. Research has found out that with this type of lighting, it is possible for you to save 90% of your monthly power bills. This is something that should excite any individual who wants to save for the future. If for instance you are spending $100 every month on electricity, with LED lighting system, you can reduce your bills to less than $40 a month. For any homestead that minds about cost, this is a very significant figure worth investing in.

Lower Maintenance Costs

LED lights have a longer lifespan than many of the bulbs present in the market today. This means that once you have fixed the bulbs, it will take long periods of up to ten years for their useful life to come to an end. This is arguably a very long period of time for you to consider any cost of repair and maintenance. LED lights though they cost a little bit more compared to the conventional lighting bulbs, they are a perfect balance between time and cost elements. Studies have revealed that electrical repair costs including the installation and replacement of bulbs are some of the hidden costs that waste family resources without notice. LED lights can help you curb these.

Longer Operation Lifespan

LED lights have set the standard so high that there is no lighting technology that comes even a distant second. Typical incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are at 1,000 hours and 15,000 hours respectively. LED products come clearly at the top of the range with 50,000 light hours. If you never turn them off, this can amount to six years of continuous usage.

They are Clean, Green and Safe

LED lights have no mercury or any chemicals that are considered a hazard. Mercury which is contained in many CFLs is very dangerous and one that you wouldn’t want your kids to come near. LED technology being green is environmental friendly and poses no problem even when disposed of after running its course. They emit zero UV radiation. Investing in LED lights is an investment in its own. They however have both long and short-term benefits that every household cannot afford to miss out on.

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