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Creating the perfect look for your new home is always an exciting time. Moving your belongings in and arranging your furniture along with choosing the right color schemes is all part of making your new house a home.

If you have ever found yourself in need of come DIY advice or a burst of inspiration then you might be interested to know that smart phone apps can provide that little extra help. The app market is full of digital tools designed to make designing and DIY a whole lot easier and here we take a look at some of the tools to tackle your next project.

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Dream Home

If you are looking for some inspiration when deciding what color scheme or style to give your room, then this app can help. Dream Home gives you a wide selection of full color room photographs with different color schemes and styles to suit every room in the house. These inspirational photographs have been created by some of the world’s best designers and put an end to cutting out clippings from magazines.

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Home Sizer

If you are looking to design your home then Home Sizer will help you to compare the cost of materials and supplies as well as work out the square footage for your project. With an easy to read interface, this handy app also allows you to factor in mortgage payments and interest.

Mark on Call – Home Interior Layout Designer

This is a really handy App which is perfect for anyone who wants a great room planning tool, a shopping checklist and a quick idea guide all in one neat package. If you are trying to design a room space then Mark on Call is the next best thing to hiring a designer or assistant to help you.

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iHandy Carpenter

When it comes to DIY, how handy would it be to have a ruler, bubble leveler, plumb bomb and protractor all in the palm of your hand? From simply hanging a picture on the wall through to mitering the corners of a molding, this app is perfect for a multitude of jobs.

BEHR ColorSmart

If you want to paint the interior walls of your home a different color and are unsure just what color to choose, then this handy app makes the whole process so much easier. If you have trouble envisioning what a certain color might look like then you simply take a picture of your chosen room and apply different color schemes to see how well the color matches your room. You can mess around with as many colors as you wish without having to go anywhere near a paint tin! Once you’ve found your ideal color for the room then you can take the picture along to your local home improvement store to match up the paint and purchase.

There are hundreds of different Apps and tools to help you design your home, from whole construction projects through to choosing a color palette for a room. These are just a few of our favorite apps. Have we missed any gems off the list? Let us know in the comments box below.

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