Top Tools For DIY Enthusiasts

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DIY is forever on the up. During this prolonged recession we all find ourselves in, more and more people are taking it upon themselves to rise to the challenge of a home improvement project or even general mending of things around the house. Doing-it-yourself is not only cost effective but gives you a great sense of self achievement, expanding your skills to regulate more changes. If it’s a one off project you undertaking you may even get away with just hiring tools/equipment – saving you even more money.

Wallpaper stripper

A lot of the groundwork for DIY, if it’s a sprucing up your after is based around the walls – stripping them, re-painting or wallpapering. You’ll want fast and easy removal of wallpaper so that it’s hassle free and you can actually get on the with the bulk of your decorating. A good standard wallpaper stripper will make one of the most unpleasant decorating jobs bearable, once you have used a stripper you will not want to go back to the throw-water-at-the-wall method. Now, you can buy high speed wallpaper strippers that removes paper extremely quickly, keeping mess to a minimum.

Power Drill

The power drill is arguable the most important and most used tool of all. A good power drill will have hundreds of different functions and attachments, making it the most versatile tool out there. A power drill and the right connectors can drill holes of varying sizes, through multiple materials and can act as a chisel – being used the smallest and largest kinds of jobs.There are many different types of power drill to choose from; Hammer, SDS, Cordless, with prices varying from type and weight and tool hiring companies available.

Choice of Saw

If you’re really finding your feet with DIY then you might think about bigger and better things, building cupboards or constructing any architectural piece of furniture. Depending on the type of saw, you’ll most commonly be able to cut through wood, but with the appropriate blade you can also cut through metals. If you are working with wood, which is highly likely for any DIYer, you need a circular saw.

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