Typical house has 3,000+ parts

The challenge faced by many homeowners throughout the United States is trying to figure out just who to call upon when one or more of the more than three thousand components within their house breaks.  Knowing the difference between a gable, soffit, sheathing, lintel and collar beam can be daunting for even the most involved Do-It-Yourselfer!


Many homeowners find a local handyman, someone that is skilled at knowing a little about many different home repair and improvement issues.  This can be a good route to take, however this handyman needs to being careful to not take on tasks he does not have the expertise in successfully completing.


A solution to the challenge faced by homeowners is offered to the clients of Nest Home Improvement.  Nest does the painstaking work in finding the best qualified crafts people to work on specific areas of the home.  We check their credentials, talk with past customers, verify licenses and insurance before allowing them to be part of our network of service providers.  Clients no longer have to wonder who to call upon, are they competent at performing the needed maintenance or repair and most importantly, will I have to re-hire someone else to fix their mistakes.

House Diagram

We stumbled upon this older diagram of home components that was developed by Michigan State University and published back in 1987.  While this is admittedly several  years old, it however offers the typical homeowner or DIYer a glimpse of what the 3,000  parts of their home look like, what they are called, and where they are located.  Most homes today, still contain these common components highlighted within the diagram.

To see the full diagram as well as the four pages of text that go into greater detail with component explanations that are part of the brochure, please go to the following house diagram link.

House Diagram

Photo credit:  MSU Cooperative Extension Service

By Chuck Solomon

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