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Upkeep: A New Approach To Home Maintenance And Improvement has recently been published as an ebook and is available for instant download at Smashwords.

Upkeep provides a solution to the challenge of maintaining a house by take proactive holistic approach and includes three main functional components. They are:

  • Annual Home Reviews
  • Coordination of all Maintenance & Repair
  • Digital Maintenance Records

Upkeep forms the backbone and philosophy behind Nest Home Improvement.  It seeks to help homeowners and remodeling contractors to better care for residential properties.

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Here is an excerpt:

Upkeep offers a new approach to hiring the home improvement professional who will manage the entire ‘upkeep’ of your house.

In years past, the handyman, carpenter, plumber, or electrician was a part of the community. If you hadn’t worked with him directly, you knew someone who had. These were people you came to know and trust and could assist in caring for your home. Nowadays many of us don’t even know all of our neighbors, much less who we should hire to help maintain and improve our home.

In order to arrive at a new model of home improvement, I surveyed and interviewed over 200 homeowners and contractors. Based on this research and my experience as a contractor, this book takes a proactive, wholistic approach to preserving and protecting your home. The three main components are:

  • Annual Home Reviews
  • Coordination of all Maintenance & Repair
  • Digital Home Records

Taking a proactive and preventive, rather than a reactive and crisis-based approach can prevent some problems as well as keep small problems from getting larger and more costly to repair.

There are 130 million houses in the United States. Nearly 80% are 30 years or older, and many of these homes are in need of maintenance and upgrades. More homeowners are staying put, rather than upsizing or downsizing to a new home, because of the economy and the uncertain job market. And since fewer houses are being bought and sold, the number of home inspections done by licensed inspectors has drastically decreased nationwide since the housing market crash of 2008. Typically, as a part of the real estate buy/sell transaction, a thorough home inspection is performed by a state-licensed inspector, who identifies and documents deficiencies in the house. Before the sale closes, repairs are made or at least the buyer is made aware of the current status of the property and any deficiencies it may have.

Additionally, fewer new homes are being built. According to the National Association of Home Builders, there were 300,000 new homes built in the United States in 2011 – a huge drop from 2005, when 1.5 million new homes were built. Homeowners are choosing to maintain and make smaller-scale improvements so they can better enjoy living in their homes. For example a homeowner may not have $20,000 budget to completely remodel a bathroom, but might spend $5,000 to update the look with new flooring, a few fixtures, and fresh paint on the walls.

Regardless of market conditions, homeowners still have the basic problem of how to care for their home. This book provides a new approach to ensure the best care for your property.

The key to this approach is to find the one person or company that you really trust and allow them the responsibility to manage and coordinate all your home’s maintenance and repair needs, conduct annual home reviews and document all work in an electronic format that is easily accessible.

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