Ways to Stay Cool

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You think it’s bad when your air conditioning goes out right?  Can you imagine what it was like before air conditioning and fans were invented?  Take a look at the infographic to see How People Have Stayed Cool Over Time.  It’s interesting to see how creative people were before the advances in modern technology.

To help keep your body cool there are a variety of things that you can do so that you don’t overheat.  Some tips are simple like dressing in lightweight clothing, finding shade and eating cooling foods, but sometimes little things are not enough.

If you live in a warm environment or are experiencing a heat wave there are a number of great indoor and outdoor tools to keep you cool.  You can create circulation with air conditioning and fans.  If you are outdoors you can create shade with patio umbrellas, cabanas, and outdoor misting products.

Beat the heat by staying cool!

The infographic was created by David Shank, the VP/Sales of a company providing cooling methods to businesses and homeowners.

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