Ways You Can Create A Visually Appealing And Functional Bedroom

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Money doesn’t exactly grow on trees and if you are like so many other homeowners out there, then you are probably looking for change. While those windows, lighting fixtures and electronics may have been exactly what you wanted upon move-in, maybe they just aren’t cutting it these days. If you are looking to save for your future then upgrades may seem counterproductive, but they don’t have to be. These days, there are a large number of ways you can spend a bit of cash now for long-term savings, all while spicing up your room and turning it into what you’ve always dreamed of.

Eye-Catching Windows

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Let’s focus on windows first, since they are one of the most important pieces to any room. Your windows not only allow sunshine in on those warm days and a fresh breeze through your space, but they create protection from the outside elements. These days, there are a large number of fantastic solutions to choose from. You have your casement windows that couple fantastically with a traditionally decorated area and skylight windows that are great for additional light while staying true to a more modern-looking vibe.

No matter what style you are going for; verify the solution is backed by energy star. These types of products meet strict environmental and energy efficiency requirements. Of course, to maintain temperatures within your home, double or even triple pane glass is much more effective than single panes, which are generally only present in older homes.

Smarter Lighting Solutions

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Speaking of light, you can also save energy in your bedroom by opting for energy efficient light bulbs. Again, look for the ENERGY STAR symbol. LED lighting is growing quickly in popularity. These modern bulbs create a unique atmosphere by emitting a warm color that many homeowners find to be extremely functional, without straining your eyes. While LED may not be as affordable as halogen or fluorescent bulbs initially, their lifetime is far greater (on average they last about six times longer than fluorescents and thirty times as long as halogens), so they definitely pay for themselves in the long run. Their sleek design couples nicely with futuristic styled bedrooms and do not draw too much attention away from your focal points.

Fancy Electronics (Minus the ‘Fancy’ Price)

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There is nothing quite like curling up with the one you love and watching your favorite movie or television show before calling it a night. What’s not so fun about having a television is the amount of electricity they can use. Thanks to advancements in technology, there are many great electronics on the market today that use far less energy than their older counterparts. With new upgrades coming out what seems like on a daily basis, you are able to get a lot for your buck as companies try to push their latest creations and get rid of the ‘older’ versions. You may want to consider reaching for a TV that automatically dims to accommodate for lighting changes in the room and automatically shuts off after everyone has left the room.


This post was written by Jack Russell; he works for Vinyl City Windows and Doors Inc. When he is not busy installing double hung windows in Toronto homes, he likes to unwind and write about his life experiences.

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