What Does Your Kitchen Say About You?

Chalon Kitchen With Worktable

Most great parties end up in the kitchen. Is your kitchen ready to accept your guests? Since the kitchen is generally viewed as the hub of your home, what does your kitchen say about you? Whether you have an old fashioned country kitchen, or a kitchen of the modern stainless-steel variety — your kitchen definitely makes a statement.

Painting Your Kitchen Red

Do you love hot and spicy foods? Perhaps you favor recipes that are a bit trendy and lean toward gourmet? Painting your kitchen red will reflect this attitude. Of course, four red walls may be a bit much. But how about a single red wall? Then, you try accenting the rest of the kitchen with muted reds. For instance, a burgundy back splash or perhaps light red towels.

Opting For A White Kitchen

If you watch home decorating television shows, you’ve probably noticed a real trend toward white kitchens. White goes well with clean, simple lines. Since white is neutral, any color accents will work nicely. In fact even your appliances can be any color when the main theme of your kitchen is white.

Have You Ever Considered A Black Kitchen?

Wow. A black kitchen? Believe it or not, black kitchens can be striking and luxurious — a color that definitely impresses. How would you like a black wall, black appliances and perhaps just a splash of color in some of the accents? For instance a gold backs splash or red pots and pans? Black can be made to look great and it is easy to clean. It will always stand out.

How About A Sunshine Yellow Kitchen?

There is probably no warmer, friendlier color than yellow. A yellow kitchen is inviting and will boost the spirits of all who enter. People just naturally feel welcome in a yellow kitchen. If your kitchen is small you can make it appear larger with yellow walls and white appliances. Yellow is like sunshine. If you want your kitchen to feel warm and sunny, consider different shades of yellow.

How About A Blue Kitchen?

If you would like your kitchen to be blue, there are many shades to consider. Would you like your kitchen to appear vintage or retro? Then think of pale blues — perhaps in a patterned wallpaper. Mix with classic ceramic tiles with a blue and white pattern and you will be retro all the way!

Darker blues, on the other hand, can be very elegant. Blue kitchens can make many different statements. They can be cool, bold, cheery or even whimsical. The choices are endless with the color blue.

Green Kitchens Say Life and Health

People who choose green color schemes for their kitchens are generally people who are nature lovers. Green depicts life and growth. Green walls and tiles work great with wood cabinets to present a classic outdoors look. Then, when you add touches of chrome with your small appliances, your kitchen will be accented perfectly.

Purple Speaks Royalty and Vibrancy

If you have chosen purple for your kitchen, you definitely like to stand out! Shiny purple kitchens can appear either vibrant or royal, depending upon the shade. Purple blends well with a wide variety of accent colors to make a pleasant environment. For instance, some folks choose a purple main wall, and then paint the other walls a light shade of gray for a very nice look.

Well, now that you have some ideas, what changes will you make to your kitchen? These days you may use software programs that simulate your finished kitchen. Why not use them to experiment with several different colors and accents? After all, your final choice will have a lot to say about you!

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