What Is Interior Spatial Design?

Spatial design interior layout

You will need an initial visit from a spatial designer to assess possibilities

Interior spatial design focuses on making the inside of any property, domestic or commercial look sensational yet maintain its functionality. Spatial designers will go into a property and assess what can be done.

With close negotiation with a client, they discuss what the client wants, how much money they are prepared to spend on it and how the space is going to be used.  It really is quite an art form as a good spatial design professional will be able to create something that is amazing to look at yet incredibly practical.

Interior spatial design includes carrying out a survey to see if structural work can be carried out, which contractors will be used and the time scale needed to carry out this work.  Walls may need removing or building, stair cases repositioning or modernizing, flooring ripped up, floor boards sanded, tiled or carpeted – the list is endless.

A quick insight from the industry

According to 2ADesign.co.uk, Spatial design is the fastest growing interior design discipline. It blends more traditional design discipline to create one that gives a stunning modern twist. You can find more on spatial design here on Wikipedia.

This kind of design is not just about furnishings, it is about creating a zone that can be used, admired and enhanced. The structural work is all part of the design and it lays a foundation for the interior décor that follows.  The spatial work is as important as the interior aesthetics as spatial design is about transforming space, maximizing its usage and functionality. It combines art, architecture, building, design and flow to produce something that is quite unique to the customer.

A nice interior design from a spatial designer

When the structure has been completed it is time to move onto the interior design.  Colors, textures, fabrics, fixtures and fittings are all considered and will form part of a mood board.  This board gives an image of what the space will consist of, the designer will know how to put all these things together to give the customer a beautiful end result.  Using an interior spatial design expert will create something that the everyday person cannot envisage. Most people wouldn’t dream of putting some things together such as stripy wall paper with flowery soft furnishings but a designer is able to work these furnishings to create a truly unique design.

Working closely with your designer is paramount

The designer will work closely with the contractors and the client to ensure that each step is just how it was intended to be. Designers can also act as project managers to oversee the whole procedure.  A lot of clients trust their designers so are happy to pay the extra to ensure they get the end result they are hoping for. It is also quite a cost effective thing to do because a designer will do their very best to make sure everything comes in on time and on budget as it is they who are ultimately responsible to the client.

A lot of spatial designers will offer packages, allowing the client to choose the amount of input they prefer  some clients like to do the dressing of the room themselves after the designer has created the zone ideas. Others, as previously mentioned want the designer to be involved from start to finish.  Whatever they decide, the result will be so much better than if they had done it themselves.


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  1. Communication is essential throughout the project. The client, the designer, and the contractor all need to be on the same page. If there is any miscommunication it can result in additional costs and time to fix errors.

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