Why Is Weatherstripping So Important?


Weatherstripping performs an important role within your home.  It works to both keep conditioned air within your home and unconditioned air outside.  You will find weatherstripping primarily around doors, windows, storm doors, door hatches, closets and garage doors. It does its job by helping to insulate your house from the outside. The illustration below shows several areas within a home where potential air gaps are found so you will know where to look. Maintaining your homes


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weatherstripping and sometimes replacing it when needed is an important step in keeping either the warm air in you house during the winter or the cool air inside during the summer months. This has a direct impact on the cost to heat and cool your house.


Unfortunately, weatherstripping can get worn or damaged overtime.  You should regularly inspect each of your exterior doors and windows at least once per year as part of an overall weatherization effort to ensure the weatherstripping is functioning as intended.  There are scientific ways to measure the amount of air loss your home suffers from via a blower door test.  These are done by specially trained ‘green’ professionals and cost several hundred dollars to do.  The less-scientific way to inspect is to visually inspect and feel for drafts.  Holding a lit candle close to windows and doors will also illustrate air movement.

There are several different types of weatherstripping made from several differing materials.  Tension, felt, foam, tape, metal, vinyl, and magnetic to name a few.  It is usually best to match a similar size, style and material with what you have existing when replacing weatherstripping.

Maintenance Tips:

  • As mentioned inspect at least annually.
  • Replace with like materials.
  • If you are unsure what to do hire a home maintenance professional to help.
  • The costs to maintain these areas within your house are minor and will be offset by the energy savings.

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