Winterization Tip


The cold weather brings harsh conditions to many houses throughout the United States.  This article will offer a few tips to keep your home in great condition. The attached brief video offers a great weatherization tip that may be done by even the least handy homeowner!


Move items that can be stored inside to a garage, basement, or storage shed.  These may include grills, hoses, rain barrels, children’s toys, watering cans, umbrellas and awnings, outdoor furniture etc. The cold weather and wind common in winter is rather harsh on these items, so to best protect them and therefore extend their usefulness, it is best to store them. If you don’t have a place to store these items you can also cover them with plastic or a tarp as a second best option.

Exterior Plumbing

Covering your exterior hose bibs or water faucets can help to prevent them from freezing and the costly damage that result.  The video below illustrates and example of how adding a $3 cover found at most home centers or hardware stores is a good preventive measure.  These can be stored in the warmer months of the year and used over and over again.  In some especially cold climates it is best to have the water turned off at the sources to ensure exposed pipes do not freeze.


Check that your exterior lighting is functioning.  After we turn the clocks back an hour in the Fall, for daylight savings.  We lose the natural sunlight sooner each day until we turn the clocks forward in the Spring.  Autumn is a good time to change out light bulbs that may be burning out.  It will be far easier to change these bulbs now before the cold weather (and snow and ice in some areas of the country) sets in.

Taking care of you homes exterior will ensure it is in good shape through the winter and ready come spring time!


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