Upkeep A New Approach To Home Maintenance And Improvement

Upkeep is the title of the book authored by Chuck Solomon that presents a new approach to home improvement.  It forms the basis of the Nest Home Improvement business model.

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What others are saying about Upkeep?



“Excellent concepts, written in everyday language” 

Jim Wheeler, President, Total Project Solutions, Inc.

Raleigh, NC

“This will be a great help to homeowners…it’s the small details that really matter”

Kenneth Combs, Owner, Custom Quality Carpentry, LLC

Durham, NC

“Finally, a way to look at my home holistically when it comes to maintenance.”


Boston, MA

“Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?”


Raleigh, NC

“What a great idea…it’s so simple but the results I would think could amount to a considerable cost-savings over the time one owns their home.”


Seattle, WA

“I had the opportunity to read your book and I must say I find the concepts that you mention “The New Holistic Approach” is on the cutting edge of the 21st  Century. That approach is sure to help hundreds of thousands of homeowners with their home maintenance issues. I applaud you with your innovation.”


Grant Winstead, Trainer & Consultant

Grant Winstead Associates

Washington DC